Why Primate Safari ?

ALL our guides who drive are road tested by our Workshop Manager. Their performance is scored and follow up training is provided to increase their driving skills.

ALL our guides have valid first aid certificates.

ALL our guides are encouraged to further their qualifications and are incentivized accordingly

Our in –house training academy takes young people and turns out superior guides.

ALL guides are tested on their knowledge by way of exams before every tour.

Guides are individually coached and mentored to constantly improve client feedback.

All tour leaders/driver guides are required to maintain a personal feedback average of 1.75 or below and a tour average of below 2.

Our current complaint average of 1.5 clients per 100 is the best ever but still below our goal of 1 for the year. Onward and Upward!


  • More Departure Dates
  • More Tour Options
  • Excellent Tour Operations
  • Competitive Prices
  • Primate Safaris Uganda is the market leader in their field
  • 100 % African owned
  • African operators are the best!
  • Our Reputation
  • Quality, Service Excellence & Value for money
  • Passion, Innovation & Experience
  • Reliability, Efficiency & Safety
  • Quality & Value for Money (more activities included)
  • Service & Efficiency
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • 40 State of the art vehicles & quality equipment
  • Committed & Enthusiastic Guides

African Operators are best!

We are extremely proud to be 100% East African owned and managed. Living and working every day in Africa means that our finger is directly on the pulse of the continent. This ensures you receive the best Africa has to offer.

Every cent we earn is spent in Africa – creating jobs! By choosing Primate Safaris Uganda you ensure that a large number of Africans are directly employed.

Traveling with Primate Safaris Uganda means friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that group travel brings. Our unrivaled experience in Africa also ensures your holiday is well planned to make the most of our spectacular continent.  We’ve spent years refining our service, improving our vehicles, training our staff and maintaining our equipment. We’re confident that our Primate Safaris Ltd are the best in Africa.

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