Capital: Kampala

Currency: Ugandan shilling

President: Yoweri Museven

Population: 35 million

Official language: English Language, Swahili Language

Government: Republic, Presidential system, Democracy


Uganda is a landlocked republic locked in eastern Africa, bordered on the north by the Republic of Sudan, on the east by Kenya, on the south by Tanzania and Rwanda, and on the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A former British protectorate, Uganda became a fully independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations on October 6, 1962. Uganda has an area of 241,038 sq km (93,065 sq mi). The capital of Uganda is Kampala.

Tourist Attractions;The distinctive tourist attractions of Uganda arises out of the variety of its unspoilt scenic beauty and game stock . Uganda generally has considerable import natural resources for tourism with a variety of ecosystems, landscape, climates and Biome, people and cultures. Some of its features are outstanding by international standards such as the sheer variety of bird species ( 1042spp), while others are unique.