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ABOUT OUR safaris experience

We spend 21 days in Uganda. The team of Primate Safaris were wonderful travel buddies who made our journey an unforgettable one. We drove from West to South to North to East, visited most of the wonderful National Parks, met Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Cats, Elephants, Giraffes – yes, even a Chita and were overwhelmed of the shear beauty of its nature. But for all we had the pleasure of meeting so many beautiful, heartily people of Uganda. Everywhere we went we were most welcome and we felt home far away from home. At any time we felt very safe as Andrew is a superb driver and with his broad knowledge about Birds and Plants we learned many, many new things. Also with us we had Aisha, who’s dream it is to become a guide – and wow – what a power women she is. We had the great opportunity to have everyday a home cooked meal on the road as we were camping – lots of yummy local dishes and a very well care taking for all our needs. One day she will be a fantastic guide. Jonah the mechanic was our lovely tour guide in Kampala and he showed us some really cool places in this humming city. Overall we can recommend our camping journey to people who are very experienced travelers and/or campers. For those who rely on nice Lodges – Primate Safaris knows indeed some very nice spots. Amazing time we had – we miss Uganda and its people every day since we are back in Zurich. Thanks for having us and that we could exchange fantasy with reality.Show less

Date of experience: December 2018

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Uganda - We were most welcome!