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A LITTLE ABOUT OUR safaris experience

Prior my visit to Uganda, I have emailed literally dozens of tour operators I found either on Trip Advisor or elsewhere. 
With Primate Safaris Uganda I found all I was looking for:
– they tailor made a trip for me,
– they gave me advice on what can be done and what is totally impossible (giving reasons pro and con my suggestions on places to visit in a day),
– they were very very responsive,
– they tailored the price for me,
– they have taken care of when to eat and where,
– they have answered every single question of mine, even the most simple and obvious ones.
Andrew and Brian were most cooperative on everything.
This is a young and very proactive team of people.
I want to be clear of that this was my first Uganda, and I was alone.
Primate Safaris Uganda sent their team to meet me at airport at 4 a.m. at Entebbe, and we set of.
I was greeted with two smiling faces, guide and a driver.
Car was 4WD mini van, clean, comfortable and well maintained. Great driver.
Guide was showed good knowledge on every little thing I have asked for. Plus he likes making jokes.
Great team.
Good job done.
I highly recommend this tour operator – trust me, with them you just sit back and relax.
And enjoy Uganda – lovely country & lovely people.

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about us:

“The best tour operator in Uganda in many aspects!”