Safarii in Swahili means a journey or trip. Primate Safaris Uganda organizes tours ranging from day excursions to 30 days (or beyond) to all the spectacular East African landscapes and wildlife of UgandaRwanda Tanzania and Kenya which offer a diverse range of Safari activities. Tracking mountain gorilla through the misty forests of Bwindi and the Virungas, wildlife expedition on the vast savannah plains that lie in the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley, taking a boat to the dramatic Murchison Falls and Kazinga Channel or tracking chimpanzees in Kabale, Budongo and Kyambura Gorge makes a truly unforgettable unique Safari.

Our Hand- picked collection of Safari destinations


Uganda Wildlife safaris

Uganda offers the most exclusive and quite unique safaris in the whole of Africa.  Offering exceptional game viewing, a variety of landscapes, a fantastic range of activities (game drives, boating, horse riding, cultural visits, walking, gorilla trekking  and Chimpanzee habituation), and extremely affordable  accommodation in national reserves, Uganda has it all. 
Uganda Wildlife Safaris are adventures quite unlike any other – and each safari is different.  Awe-inspiring African wilderness, spectacular landscapes, magnificent  wildlife (both big and small),   Africa is a world apart; it envelops visitors with its magic and touches their souls.  [ww-shortcode-link-read-more link_position=”none” icon=”” icon_position=”left” remove_text=”Choose from our wide range” link=”https://primatesafari.com/uganda-wildlife-safaris” target=”_self” animate_type=”none” ][/ww-shortcode-link-read-more]
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Rwanda Primate Safaris


Join us on a luxury Safari trip of a lifetime where you will encounter majestic mountain gorillas, Tree climbing lions, bird life, wildlife, wide skies and complete immersion in another world, bearing witness to Rwanda culture. 

Experience exceptional wilderness and wildlife on aRwanda Primate safari. Tailor made Rwanda  wildlife tours and Cultural safaris for independent travellers and small groups.  Choose from our wide range of carefully crafted travel itineraries, and allow us to turn your safari dreams into reality, custom designing your entire holiday from beginning to end with our trademark brand of hospitality.[ww-shortcode-link-read-more link_position=”none” icon=”” icon_position=”left” remove_text=” Choose from our wide range” link=”https://primatesafari.com/rwanda-safaris ” target=”_self” animate_type=”none” ][/ww-shortcode-link-read-more]

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