Rwanda is a small sovereign state landlocked in the Great Lakes region of central and east Africa bordered on the north by Uganda, on the east by Tanzania, on the south by Burundi, and on the west by Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaïre). Rwanda is 26,338 sq km (10,169 sq mi). The capital is Kigali.

The distinctive tourist attractions of Rwanda arises out of the variety of its unspoilt scenic beauty and game reserves . There is more to Rwanda than magical mountain gorillas, rarity. Also Lake Kivu’s Shores conceal some of the best inland beaches on the continent. Deep in the southwest parts. Nyungwe Forest National park is the most extensive montane rainforest in the region, and home to many primates. The Kigali city tour experience has novelty values not easily found elsewhere in Africa. Among the attractions include

Where is Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country in east-central Africa,bordered on the north by Uganda, east by Tanzania, south by Burundi, and west by Lake Kivu and the D R Congo formerly Zaïre.


Rwanda’s population density is amongst the highest in Africa. At 408 per square kilometre (1,060 /sq mi), inhabitants The country’s principal language is Kinyarwanda,


The first known inhabitants of Rwanda were the Twa/ Batwa. The Hutu who probably came from the Congo basin, were well established by the 15th century, when the Tutsi came down from the north and conquered the area.


One of the only two countries in which mountain gorillas can be visited safely is Rwanda; gorilla tracking, in the Volcanoes National Park, attracts thousands of visitors per year, Other attractions include Nyungwe Forest, home to chimpanzees, Ruwenzori colobus and other primates, the resorts of Lake Kivu, and Akagera, a small savanna reserve in the east of the country


Rwanda has essentially a subsistence economy dependent on the export of one main commodity, coffee. The GNP in 2001 (World Bank estimate) was only US$1,889 million, or about US$220 per capita. In 2013 the per-capita GDP (PPP) is estimated at $1,592 ,compared with $416 in 1994. Rwanda joined the East African Community in 2007 and there are plans for a common East African shilling, which could be in place by 2015. Rwanda’s major export markets include China, Germany, and the United States. The economy is managed by the central National Bank of Rwanda and the currency is the Rwandan franc; in April 2013, the exchange rate was 640 francs to the United States dollar..Read more



Under a constitution approved in 1978, the sole political party was the Hutu-dominated National Revolutionary Movement for Development (MRND). Executive power was vested in a president, assisted by an appointed council of ministers; legislative power was exercised by an elected National Development Council. A new constitution, promulgated in June 1991, provided for a multi-party democracy with limited presidential terms and independent executive (headed by the new post of prime minister), legislative, and judicial branches. The current constitution was adopted following a national referendum in 2003, replacing the transitional constitution which had been in place since 1994….


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