Highlights of East Africa

Mountain Gorillas / Uganda

Primate safari specializes in gorillas tours, taking their guests to the beautiful mountains of Uganda or Rwanda to see these majestic giants in their natural habitats.

These creatures are extremely endangered – there are approximately only 840 left worldwide – and they are incredibly difficult to get to; making seeing the mountain gorillas a real once in a lifetime opportunity.

Mountain Gorillas / Rwanda

There’s more to Rwanda than magical mountain gorillas, rarity. The shores of Lake Kivu conceal some of the best inland beaches on the continent. Deep in the southwest, Parc National Nyungwe Forest is the most extensive montane rainforest in the region, and home to many primates.

Kilimajaro / Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and offers tourists an exciting and challenging adventure.

If you have a passion for climbing and exploring, or simply want to tick off an item from your bucket list, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Book yourself on a Tanzania Nomad Tours package and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the professionals and a new group of friends.

Ngorongoro Crater / Tanzania

Ngorongoro crater tours are essential part of any visit to Africa.

This UNESCO world heritage site holds a wealth of fascinating areas of interest for historians and the general public. Some of the oldest hominid remains have been found near the crater as well as artefacts dating back to early human evolution. The animal life is abundant and the craters amazing historical footprint extends into the animal kingdom too with fossilized remains having previously been found.

Gilman’s Point / Tanzania

The highest summit some of those who climb Kilimanjaro will see

The East African country of Tanzania is popular for two reasons, namely Zanzibar and Mount Kilimanjaro. Both these attractions appeal to different types of people although the more exciting of the two has to be Mount Kilimanjaro and more importantly, Gilman’s Point – the only summit some climbers will see.

Great Rift Valley / Tanzania

Believed to be the birthplace of humanity, the Great Rift Valley is approximately 6, 000 kilometres in length The area, which is 35 million years old, was given its name in the 19th century by British explorer John Walter Gregory. Today the name is considered geologically incorrect, because where the 6, 000 kilometre area was once seen as one big rift, it is actually separate rift and fault systems which are merely related to one another.

Serengeti National Park / Tanzania

The Serengeti National Park is the most photographed and filmed game reserves in Africa.

With an incredibly dense population of wildlife and never-ending rolling plains, the Serengeti offers an authentic and idyllic wilderness safari. This is the Africa many of us dream of: an abundance of wildlife, beauty, tranquility and endless clear, summer days

Dar es Salaam / Tanzania

Arabic for “harbor of peace”, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and also its richest.

Dar es Salaam is situated close to the equator and the warm Indian Ocean – giving it a tropical climate with hot and humid weather throughout much of the year. Dar es Salaam has two different rain seasons; during April and May the rain is known as “the long rains” and “the short rains” during October and November.

Amboseli National Park / Kenya

The Amboseli National Park is among the most popular of all Kenyan safaris and is 392 square kilometres.

It can be found at the core of an 8000 square kilometre ecosystem that reaches over the Kenya and Tanzania border. Here, guests can observe an abundance of African wildlife, including the big five and over 400 bird species; offering truly authentic Kenyan safaris and the opportunity to soak up the African atmosphere.

Masai Mara National Reserve / Kenya

The Masai Mara Reserve can be found in south-western Kenya and is a continuation of the Serengeti NP in Tanzania

It was named after the people who have made their homes in the area for centuries, the Masai, and is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations. Although tours to the Masai Mara cannot pass into the Serengeti in Tanzania, the animals can freely pass between the countries. The park is over 1500 square kilometers in size and is a paradise of rolling plains and savannas.

Lake Nakuru / Kenya

The beautiful Lake Nakuru can be found in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya

It is protected by the Lake Nakuru National Park and is one of the main centers of attraction in Kenya. While visiting the lake, you’ll have the rare opportunity to see hundreds of pink flamingos that famously line its shore, as well as other wildlife which make themselves at home in the area, including warthogs, baboons and black and white rhinos.

Lake Naivasha / Kenya

Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake in Kenya.

It lies just north west of Nairobi and just outside of the town, Naivasha. Its name derived from the “Nai’posha”, the Massia word for “rough water”; a name which aptly describes the sudden storms which arise in the region. The lake has a vast surface area of 139 square kilometers and averages at 6 meters in depth.

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